About today's Podstrana

Podstrana is an interesting touristic place located just 8 km away from Split which apart from its rich cultural inheritance, olives, wine and peaches, is known for its friendly inhabitants, good cuisine, 9 km of beautiful beaches making it one of the most attractive touristic destinations.

The parton saint of Podstrana is Saint Anthony from Padova. Municipality Day is celebrated on the holiday of Saint Anthony, 13th June.

Podstrana is a little place in Central Dalmatia, situated in the coastal part of the historical Republic of Poljica, on the ecologically preserved eastern part of the Split-Dalmatia county, 8km from Split. Its face turned towards the sea, covers 11 km² of the south-western slope, at the foot of the 533m high Perun hill, a coastal cliff that forms part of the Mosor mountain massif, longitudinally following the 6km long indented coast. Podstrana’s inhabitants inherit a place of natural beauty, a mild climate and picturesque landscapes. Because of its harmonious richness in the ecologically preserved landscape, Podstrana is acknowledged
to be the most sought after place to live.